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Sean McSherry


Bits and pieces of projects, side hustles, and other things I’ve made.

Wingstop Newspaper

The Wingstop team at Leo Burnett wanted to send the CEO of Wingstop the newspaper prop from the Rick Ross Thighstop commercial as a gift. Except for one problem, the copy was all lorum ipsum and no one had the original file. So Kailee (CW) and I were tasked with recreating the newspaper. (click to enlarge)

Music Posters For Soccer Mommy Band

Art / Paintings


Waze OLV

Waze is a navigation app that gives driving directions to help its users arrive early … sometimes too early.

Sociables Rebrand

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In Nabisco’s cracker portfolio, the Sociables brand had gone stale. We gave the brand a much needed refresh, by creating a new platform, messaging and identity system that positoned them as the perfect cracker for all things social.

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