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Sean McSherry

I created the Brandcenter Whiteboard by accident after writing random prompts on a whiteboard in the building one day.

Overtime the board gained notoriety within the Brandcenter community, with students and faculty eagerly waiting to see what the next prompt would be. So, I started an Instagram account to document it all.

Since graduating, the account has been handed over to the underclassmen to keep the tradition going.

Here are some of my favorite prompts and responses. (click to enlarge)

Also the final prompt of the semester heavily inspired Vann Graves’ (Executive Director of Brandcenter) closing address at our graduation.

Made with the help and participation of the entire Brandcenter community, and lots and lots of expo markers.❤️️

⚠️You’ve reached the deep end. Contact lifeguard for further assistance. ⚠️